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Hannah + Anastasia September 3, 2022

A traditional wedding set up…. With a plot, a twist and a HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

Custom movie posters greeted the guests as they entered the ceremony, featuring each bride and their favorite movie Hannah-“The Craft”, and Anastasia “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Look closely to see the stars and cast!

We decorated the outdoor Arbor with Ivory tulle and flowers to coordinate with the yummy bridal flowers that were hand selected —Hearts roses, football mums, dahlias, quicksand roses and lots of greenery were in Hannah’s bouquet.

The reception was simple with signs on each table of some of their favorite movies, and we accented them with garden style bud vases. Each guest got to take home popcorn with a special message on a “movie ticket”

Congratulations Hannah and Anastasia, thanks for letting Banner Flower House be a part of your day.

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