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Five Things We Wouldn’t Do as Wedding Florists

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

These are things we wouldn’t recommend while planning your wedding.

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Kelsey Schlegelmilch Wedding, September 2017. The Sanctury on Penn, Indianapolis Indiana

Of course it’s your wedding the sky’s the limit, you can do whatever you want to make your wedding the day you’ve always dreamed about.

Here are some suggestions that we hope help with your planning!

Tip #1 - Double Duty with the Bridemaids Bouquets

Some brides have used the bridemaids bouquets for the guest tables after the ceremony. We also, like this idea. However, they mostly get forgotten in the series of events; pictures, where they need to be and when, the grand entrance, etc, and sometimes the bouquets end up on the head table, and some guest tables are void of a centerpiece.

Solution: Appoint a friend or relative to collect the bouquets as soon as bridesmaids arrive.

Tip #2 - Skip the Aisle Runner, Especially at an Outdoor Venue

They can be beautiful. Unless you really want one, we would omit. They are a trip hazard, hard to walk on outdoors, difficult to place if you’re waiting until the ceremony to pull it down the aisle,

Solution: Rose petals scattered thoughout, or a border of rose petals is a lovely solution!

Tip #3 -Don‘t Skip the Backdrop

We understand, the budget gets tight while planning a wedding. Most likely you’re going to have a professional photographer for your ceremony. Consider a nice backdrop an investment in your memories.

Tip #4 - Have Your Flowers Delivered

Instead of you or a family member picking up your flowers, spend the time getting ready or making memories.

Tip #5 - Have Your Ceremony and/or Reception Set Up

Lastly, let us handle the set up for you. The set up can take up to 1-4 hours, so again, spend that time enjoying the process of your wedding..

The take-away message: Enjoy your wedding, from the planning to the final send off. We hope these tips help give some perspective on how to make it a little easie!

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